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Indoor Lighting Package - 3 light - [A717-3] $1,249.00

This package is designed for indoor use where existing lighting may be insufficient or of the wrong type. Although fluorescent lighting will work, it generally doesn't provide the best results. A supplemental lighting kit such as this will greatly improve video and allow the use of higher shutter speeds. Here's what's included in our Lighting package (see photo):
Quartz-Halogen light kits in 1800W 3-light configurations provide efficient, intense light and are best utilized at a distance, such as in industrial applications. Each kit includes:
>> 600W quartz-halogen lamps
>> Quartz light heads
>> One focusing quartz light head
>> 8' tip-resistant light stands
>> Durable hard case with custom-cut foam interior
>> Comprehensive instruction manual.

Indoor Lighting Package - 3 light
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